Short Cylinder Head Stud for Ford GPA, GPW, Willys MB Slat & MB

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Joe's Motor Pool Produced Short Cylinder Head Stud for Ford GPW and Willys MB.


7/16" UNC x 7/16" UNF x 3" 7 /16"

Joe's Motor Pool produced Short Cylinder Head Stud.

Originally fitted to Ford GPA, GPW, Willys MA, MB Slat Grill and MB.

Made from high tensile steel our Short Cylinder Head Studs have been tested to 140 lb/ft without any signs of breakage or stretching, which is double the recommended torque settings.

14 short studs required per vehicle with fully studded.
5 short studs required per vehicle for cylinder heads with bolts.

If you require all the nuts and studs for your cylinder head, then check out our GPW MB Cylinder Head Stud Set

More Information

More Information
Vehicles Ford GPA, Ford GPW, Willys MB, Willys MB SLAT GRILL
Willys Number WO-349368
Ford Number GPW6066
Catalogue Reference P7, P
Catalogue Part Name STUD

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