Carter Carburetor

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Carter Carburetor

Part Numbers- Carter: CAR-539S

Ford: GPW-9510

Willys: WO-A1223

Joe's Motor Pool produced Carter Carburetor.

Originally Fitted to Ford GPA, GPW, Willys MB Slat Grill and MB.

The best replacement on the market.

Our carburetor is a perfect copy of the original W-O Carter Carburetor with crisp markings and correct pattern numbers.

Some minor adjustments may be required to the idle setting and mixture screw to suite your jeep. We have also included a float level and metering rod adjustment tool in case they need adjusting too.

With this carburetor you will get:

  • x2 3/8 UNF Nuts for fitting to engine block (225831)
  • x2 3/8 Washer for fitting to engine block
  • x1 90 Fuel Union (137422)
  • x1 Carter Float Level Adjustment Tool (T109-80)
  • x1 Cater Metering Rod Adjustment Tool (T109-26)
  • x1 Throttle Cable Trunnion and Screw (GPW-11495 WO-A8834)
  • x1 Carter Data Sheet

More Information

More Information
Vehicles Ford GPA, Ford GPW, Willys MB, Willys MB SLAT GRILL, Hotchkiss M201
Willys Number WO-647843C
Ford Number CAR-698S
Catalogue Reference P18, B P19, AG

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