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If you are experiencing issues with the website, have any further questions, or have suggestions on new features/improvements for the website, please send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the new features of the website?

  • We have redesigned our product catalogue, products are now sorted by categories and each category can be filtered by vehicle type.
  • The website has been given a bespoke design with a focus on giving the user the best, most streamlined experience possible.
  • We have introduced a frequently asked questions section to our contact us page which provides useful information about our order and delivery process.
  • The dealer’s page has been given an interface overhaul which now displays the locations of each dealer on a map.
  • The website has been moved to a new eCommerce platform which gives us much more control over the design and features we can provide.
  • Products can be added to a wish list so you can save products for later!
  • Your cart is saved to your account. If you log in from multiple devices your cart will follow!

What languages is the website available in?

The website is available in English (native language) and has been translated into German, French, and Italian. Google Translate has been used for the translations therefore some translations may be slightly inaccurate. Some words may not be translated in all website views. For the best translation experience use English World with your selected currency and integrated browser translation solution.

What currencies is the website available in?

The website operates in Great British Pounds, US Dollars, and Euros. The conversion rates are updated daily.

Can I bring my old account over to the new website?

No. Due to changing our eCommerce platform, you will not be able to transfer your old Joe’s Motor Pool account to the new website.

Can I access my old order information?

No old account or order information is available on the new website.

Have payment systems been changed?

We continue to offer PayPal as a payment option however the credit and debit card system has changed. We hope the new system will be a seamless transition however are ready to quickly respond to any issues you find in checkout.

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