Exhaust Manifold Brass Nut & Beveled Washer SET

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Exhaust Manifold Brass Nut and Bevelled Bridging Washer Set

Part Numbers- Ford: FM-88042S GPW-9443

Willys: WO-300143 WO-344732

Joe's Motor Pool produced Brass Exhaust Manifold Nut.

Originally Fitted to Ford GPA GPW, Willys MB Slat Grill and MB.

Our Exhaust Manifold Nuts have been made from brass instead of the original steel ones as they have a tendency to weld themselves to the studs due to high heats from the engine. Our bevelled bridging washers are made to the correct convex shape and size as originally.

In this set you will get:

  • x7 Brass Exhaust Manifold Nuts
  • x2 Exhaust Manifold Bevelled Bridging Washers

More Information

More Information
Vehicles Ford GPA, Ford GPW, Willys MB, Willys MB SLAT GRILL, Hotchkiss M201
Willys Number 117244, WO-344732
Ford Number 117244, GPW9443

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