More than just an online store

We are not just an online store, we are an online store run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts of all Willys and Ford models from 1941 to 1945 including the Ford GPA amphibian.

The Joes motor pool name is synonymous with high quality, attention to detail and great value for money. Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with quality parts at great prices with a great service. To put it simply, we offer our customers a smarter way to shop. And why are we competitive? It’s simple. We manufacture all our own parts. So we cut out the long chain of middlemen and any other wholesalers that other dealers use.

We also hold a large amount of stock on the shelf. So you can rest assured that what you order you will get, on time and with no letters telling you your items are on back order.

Lastly, if you ever need to contact us because you cannot get products to your country, then please visit our contact page. Here you will find our international dealers number’s so you can get the product/s that you want. Our UK store number is shown in the top right of your screen.