Bow Set for Early Ford GPW

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Joe's Motor Pool produced Bow Kit.

Originally Fitted to Early GPW.

Our Bow Kit has everything you need to fix the bow to your body including correctly marked swivels, 'F' rear bow brackets and the correct style safety chains.

The only type on the market.

In this kit you will get:

  • x2 Front Bow Bracket (GPW1129069)
  • x2 Rear Bow Bracket (GPW1153030)
  • x2 Late Small Hole Bow Swivels (GPW1151270)
  • x2 Late 5/16" UNF Bow Swivel Thumbscrews (GPW1150498)
  • x2 3/8" x 5/8" UNC Bolt (122104)
  • x2 3/8" Split Washer (120282)
  • x2 3/8" Plain Washer (120394)
  • x2 Anti Vibration Washer
  • x2 Security Chains (GPW1151289)

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