Socket To'em!!!! One to watch from J-M-P

Published : 2020-09-17 15:00:43
Categories : News

New product time Wowsers!!!! Fresh in from our factory, we have these WARNER Trailer Sockets. The quality of these is something else!!!!! The Flap Spring, Connectors and general feel of these trailer sockets are great. These are reproduced by team J-M-P, come with the Correct original markings on the Cover, these sockets are a copy of the WW2 socket and not the later version that you see on the market. These will be priced at £65.00 each. Originally fitted to most vehicles that could take a trailer. Fingers crossed we will have stock very soon, hopefully mid to late November. There will be more information on the product very soon :-) Team J-M-P

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