Joe's Motor Pool In-House Bodywork

Published : 2020-07-21 15:04:48
Categories : News

When Boris announced Locking down the country on the 23rd March the realization set in that we would have to close down our factory in Weston-Super-Mare. The main income from our factory is shop fittings with an extra sprinkle of Jeep tooling dotted around for when we get bored. Once everyone was furloughed Dean had the factory to himself, not able to keep still for too long he managed to get all the Joe’s Motor Pool bodywork tooling out ready to be used. Dean arranged for a small number of factory staff to come back where they then began a production of some of the nicest Panel Work on the market. I was personally amazed at what was coming through. In the space of 4 weeks we had a production run Quarter Panels, Rear Panels, Floors and a number of different Brackets, Plates & Fixings. Fast forward 3 months and we now have new IN-HOUSE BODY & FRAME sections on full of Nice crisp Zintec coated panel Work Ford GP, GPW, Willys MB Slat & MB models. I guess it’s one positive we can take from the COVID situation that we now have all this lovely Panel Work. This week Dean has announced more GPA Panel Work to be produced in the coming weeks…..Be sure to tell any of your friends that own GPAs to watch this space!!!! Stay Safe Team J-M-P

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